Thursday 8 September 2011


Hey sexy; hope you had a good day! 
Today I woke up pretty late got washed and watched the TV all day! I'm such a lazy shit these days!! I've been on my laptop all day. Lazy child. Been watching Big Brother; so happy Paddy won! I really wanted him or Amy to win. I wish I had stuck a bet on! ¬__¬ I knew he would win him or Jedward. I hate Jedward but I knew they had a chance to win! 

I am going to miss CBB, I really enjoyed it this year. Now I am looking forward to the normal BB starting tomorrow night. I hope it is good. Maybe next year I will apply for Big brother ;) I think it is over 18 right? I've always wanted to do BB but I know if I did I wouldn't be able to handle the bad shit the newspapers do. I know so many people would write shit about me (as they do to everyone who goes in the house) and I'd be depressed and angry haha. 
Imagine going in the house and coming out famous and they have all this "dirt" on you that isn't real. Nude pictures of you, lies and people stalking you online. That would be nuts. I could never be a celeb. I'd b too scared my accounts would be hacked haha I've seen the photoshopped pictures of celebs naked imagine your family seeing them. You having to explain they are fake? haha 

Anyway I will go now and watch Paddy's interview...
Talking about interviews I've applied for like 5 jobs so fingers crossed for me that I get a job, I really really need a job, I need money EMA isn't cutting it anymore. I only get £20 a week and I need more. I get money from daddy but I need more than this! 
I have a girls holiday next year with a big bunch of girls; I have a car to buy, insurance, food, sexy shoes, jeggings and anything else. I'm a needy bitch ;D

Night Y'all

I love you!!

Hugs && Kisses

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