Sunday 4 September 2011


Hello my little sex Gods ;)

Hope all is well with you! I'm sure happy. I'm a little hot and bothered but I'm happy. Today I woke up around 2pm got washed and sat around naked for a while. I looked up Asda and Superdrugs to buy some blonde hair dye and red hair dye . I've decided I'ma go back to red before college. The shops was shutting around 4pm and 5pm and I wasn't dressed. Tomorrow I shall go out early with mum to Asda and buy some hair lightener, and some red/purple hairdye depending on my mood hehe. I'll do my hair tomorrow myself. I may buy some wellies in Asda if they do cheap wellies. I'm no way going to pay £15 for wellies. ARE YOU DIZZY BLAD!? xD haha I also need to go shopping and get some new jeans, leggings and jeggings for college. I no longer have a college uniform so I have to have new things. Don't want to be wearing the same things every day at college. I believe I'm doing Monday,Tuesday and Friday in college... 

My birthday is soon!! 27.09.2011 ; What is everyone getting me? ;) You know what I'd like? MONEY =P you can always donate to my blog if you like. I'll post a donation link in my next blog. I use to have it under every blog but I lost the code so I'll find it and so on...

Right now I'm watching Black and Red with mummy. Last night the man won lets see what happens tonight. 

Bye for now sweetpea <3

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