Thursday 22 September 2011

Happy Happy ;)

Hey sweetiepies, hope you are doing well on this boring cold day!
Today I woke up around 11am, got washed and so on... I then went out with mummy to ASDA at Isle Of Dogs, I know I live next to Asda Old Kent Road but that Asda is bigger. At Asda I picked up a blonde hair dye and a red hair dye. Already I have regrowth and some parts I missed when dying my hair before. I also picked up my birthday cake. Its on Tuesday ;) I got a big chocolate cake because I'm going for a meal on my birthday with like 12 people. Have some vodka and beers and so on. I am hoping to get drunk ;) hehe (I'm kidding)

I am going on Holiday next month. My 2nd this year. :) After the holiday it is back to saving for my girls holiday, we have been talking about it and we think SHAGALUF or Napa :) I hope we pick Napa but it is more expensive. We will go All Inclusive because we can get drunk before going to the clubs for free then just drink a little because we will be on a high. 
the reason I only done apart of it blonde is because I needed that part a brighter red ;)

I have been applying for REP work because I am a rep student now... I hope I get a nice little job for the summer overseas. I can't wait to get replies. I have applied for around 20 jobs the last few weeks. I hope I get one! I must get one :( haha. I'm now doing my Level 2 maths and English which are GCSE C grade which loads of employers want. :) 

Right now I am in the middle of dying my hair. At the moment I am sitting here with the red colour on. I have done the blonde I have no pictures of the red yet but when I take them I i will upload them. I only have pictures of the blonde for you. I'm updating my blog soon. New layout is needed and some other changes.

For now; take care, look after yourself and enjoy the rest of this day <3

Kisses to you <3

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