Saturday 24 September 2011

Hey chickens

I am so excited hehe 

Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday, the next day is Monday then TUESDAY ;D hahaha 

I'm about to go to sleep so I wanted to write a little post before bed. 

Right now I am watching 'The Big Bang Theory' this always makes me smile and giggle a little. I love it. So awesome. I love nerds ;) Something sexy about them ;) Today I got an email from a company I didn't get the job :( SUCKS ASS! I really want a job, I got one interview then they said I was too young after asking me to confirm my age. I need to really be 21+ but I want a job NOW :( I guess my best bet is 18-30s but I don't really wanna work for them. No one likes CLUB reps really. They are over priced and somewhat annoying because they are over priced. I have slept the day away. Been really ill. Stupid tummy bug!! I woke up around 6:30 to find mum was out and I was home alone. I remember having a brief convo with her telling me she was leaving but I was half asleep and I don't listen. 

I watched some TV and E20 on my laptop. I really can't stand the new black girl in Eastenders. Her voice annoys the FUCK out of me, her looks and the hair... :\ I want to punch her nose haha. I also watched normal Eastenders. I'm not even lying I had to cover my eyes when Ben kissed that buy. So cringe! I don't mind gays, I am LGBT friendly but it was so weird I couldn't look! I watched Big Brother too. I am upset Rebeckah has been evicted. I don't like her too much but I liked her a hell of alot more than Heaven! I liked her with Aden. I oddly have a crush on Aden when hes being cute with her but I bet hes a right player-man-whore on the outside world. I can just picture him being well stuck up and so on... What I think I like is that he is my age... Hes only 19 and when hes being cute and loving it shows boys can be like that, I can't seem to find one mind. Forever Single I say!

Now I am off to bed, time to sleep for a little while. I am going out today so I need to be up early. Not sure what I am doing yet but I need to be awake. ;)

Night sweeties. 

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