Tuesday 27 September 2011


Hey cupcakes, Hows it hangin'? ;)
I have noticed most of my readers are from United States, South Korea && China, I wonder what time it is to you. :) I have many UK readers but daily the my readers are mainly the three stated. Good night/Good morning to you all. It has been my birthday for approx 45 mins here in the UK, I'm tired of it already, I wish people would take the time to know my real age. I had someone say happy 17th birthday to me Whatsapp.. Like SERIOUSLY!? I'm on my 3rd year of college how the FUCK can I be 17 today!? DPMO... I had someone say happy 20th on Twitter, I had to delete the tweet. YOU THICK SHIT. Learn my age man :( I know I have lied and joked about with my age before but just say 'happy birthday' if you don't know my age...

Anyway with hope this is my only rant on my birthday I HOPE..

I better go bed, my eyes hurt looking at this and college at 9:30 :)

Night sweeties.

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