Friday 23 September 2011

Oh how I feel like a right fishstick!! Just looked in my planner and my time table i don't have a free lesson on my birthday, it is today! Its a stupid free lesson ^__^ it is my 2nd class, ill be board for an hour and a half now! Ive done the work and I guess I will have to go shopping or something. Boring annoying day!! Finish college 2:45 on my birthday, boo!! Just sat and done loads of college work my hand hurts, been trying to keep it all neat it is so fucking hard sometimes! I get fed up. I am also watching South Park so its hard to work and watch TV. It is nearly 1am, i am up at 7 because I need to wash my hair in the morn b4 college. I am using my iphone so no new pics at the mo, sorry for any spelling mistakes or typos. I am using my phone like ;D 9:30am till 2:45 BLAH! (that is on my birthday) tomorrow is 9:30 till 4:30. I know it is a short day but I cba haha. I know tomorrow in college i will be all happy and love it but for now I will moan ;)

Now I will pack my little pink bag for college, make some juice, go bathroom, wash and use the toilet then tuck myself into bed. I will wear my new jeans tomorrow to college so before bed I better look for a top, tee or cardi. I am not sure on the weather Ill look on my app ina wee sec and see. I like cold weather. I can wear my hoodie and baggy pants :D I'll wear trainers tomorrow no uggs. I wore them Tuesday.

Good night.

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