Tuesday 18 October 2011


Hey sugartits :)
Right now it is 21:19 here in the UK, I am watching TV with my mummy. I've been watching all my recordings from Sky+ I've watched my CSI, Akward, I deleted Teen Dad and some Big Brother. It feels good to watch some good English programs, I did watch Simpsons in English in Turkey but it had Turkish subtitles which was annoying. 

Today I had college, I got into college around 9:15 for a 9:30 start, my first lesson was ICT which went pretty well, my teacher took me to one side and said she has put me in for Level 2 ICT which hopefully means if I go college next year I will not have to do ICT, I hate ICT really. I enjoy computers, learning new things but I hate being told what I have to do with my computer. If you understand what I mean... I like to fiddle about and work things out.

After ICT I had work skills which I had a free lesson, I took the time to do a bit of work which paid off because I have now finished that work and my teacher said my work before was good so I'm all happy. Lesson after that was I'm not sure of the name but it was a good lesson, this is the lesson the teacher said my work was good. After college finished (2:45) I had a meeting because I am course rep. This means I have meetings about things people in my class are not happy about. It went well, I didn't leave college till around 5pm. 

I got home and my two hoodies are there, I tried them on and it don't look nice :( I wasted £5.99 because you don't get P&P back... I'll take them back to the shop on Thursday and get my £50 back. I'll also have a look for a new hoodie while I am there. :) I hope I find a nice jacket or hoodie, fed up of feeling this cold weather man. I need some warm warm outfits :)

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