Saturday 22 October 2011

22.10.11 am

Good morning! 

&& Then it was Saturday :) I woke up pretty damn early this morning! 8:45 I missed the training because I had to be in Lewisham for 9am but I woke up super late and no way I could get washed, dressed and to Lewisham for that time. I was thinking about calling a taxi but I knew I couldn't even get washed, dressed and hair done in 30 mins so I wouldn't make it at all. It is a total shame because I really wanted to do this training, I can't go tomorrow because you have to do 4 days training no point now... I missed first day. It fucking sucks more than Amber Cole!

Anyway today is all planned out, I will download sims 3 pets very soon, play that for a few hours then do some college work, I might go out tonight not sure, I'd like to see Paranormal Activity 3 but I'd also like to go out drinking. I'm so angry and annoyed with life right now maybe some vodka shots and after shock will make me happy again. I doubt it but lets try aye? ;) I need to wash my hair too, I've not washed it in a week because I got it done in Turkey, I'm not looking forward to all the red hair dye running down the bath, a mini murder scene hehe. Anyway I must go it is nearly 12 and I'm not washed nor dressed. 

Speak soon <3

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