Saturday 22 October 2011

22.10.11 Midday

Hey smookems it is 2pm just a little update ;)

I had a beautiful shower after my last update, I had a steam-the-mirror shower it was beautiful and I come out to my beautiful Hello Kitty towel.... :) 

After my shower I come back to my room got dressed and stripped my bed, I decided to change my sheets today, I will go get my new sheets when I can be bothered to walk back upstairs. I just made myself a pizza, I feel so sick now it wasn't that good or maybe I ate too much? or many the oil. I have oil on a pizza but it can be so fuckin' oily sometimes! 

Chicken, Ham, Cheese and Pepperoni, I hate pepperoni, it is beyond oily and yukky!

The whole time I've been watching MUSIC 4, had some good tunes on today, don't loving this one though, I hate Robbie Williams! eeks. Someone shoot him? haha 

New pics :) I JUST took them :) 

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