Sunday 23 October 2011


 The good old all-seeing-eye :) I'm not sure why I am posting it but I took a picture of it yesterday when I was waiting for dinner to cook. I love Turkey && Cyrpus and they both have the eyes, my house has loads of eyes, I think we have an eye in every room apart from the bathroom, my mum has one around her neck on a necklace and has from when I was a little bubba, so we are fully protected from evil. One of mums broke once, it was when I was much younger, apparently you have to bury it after it breaks. We will see if any of my new eyes break. I hope not, I have two bracelets with eyes on. I hope they will give me good luck. I'll deffo have them with me on my interview with Thomas Cook. I'll fucking need it. They are a great company and I'm just a child, well I'm an adult I'm over 18 but I'm still childish, ALTHOUGH I have grew up a hell of a lost the last few months. Ayia Napa changed me.
 "Smoking Kills" I think cigarette company's are the ONLY company's who can tell you their products are shit and you still buy them! Imagine if T-mobile had "we won't always give you coverage, we will steal your money and you will get angry with us" on their mobiles, would you buy it? haha NO its weird how people still smoke with some of the images on the packets, I personally don't smoke at all, the only smoking I do is 2nd hand smoke because everyone around me smoke, I've never liked the idea of smoking, I've had one pull before and chocked to death (nearly) hehe I didn't want to but a friend kept telling me to try it so I did, not my thing. Nor are drugs. I'm a pretty good Teenage-adult. I don't drink, take drugs or smoke. I do drink but I don't like drinking, I do it because I can not because I like the taste. I've never been drunk before. I've been a little tipsy but never drunk...

 I done the washing up today, I'm such a good girl, I have grown up so much, if you asked me a year ago to do the washing up I'd tell you to fuck off or to jog the fuck on but now I don't mind, I do mind but I know I should do it and help my mummy out. I'm trying my best to be super good because thinking about it I'd be no good living alone, I hate when she kicks me out the house so I'm trying to make sure she doesn't :) I have a Hello Kitty plate, I ONLY USE THIS ONE. If anyone gives me a different plate I REFUSE to eat from it. I love my plate it is mine and mine only. I have two because I am scared one will break haha maybe I should have got more!

 Yesterday I was tweeting so much I got in Twitter jail, I hate Twitter Jail. For people who don't know Twitter Jail is where you can't tweet for 1 min - a few days (depending on Twitter's mood) it is because you are tweeting too much, it is pretty much there to stop SPAM, although I get spammed daily by these Twitter eggs! haha

I just ate my dinner, just before my last update, it was beautiful. Lovely Sunday dinner on my Hello Kitty plate ;) 
I am so fool I couldn't eat it all it was a shame because it was fucking beautiful. I love Sundays because of Sunday dinner! haha I'm such a nob && a fatty! haha

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