Monday 24 October 2011

24/10/11 midday

Today is a lazy day, I woke up at 8:45 and stayed in bed till 12! I got up and had a beautiful shower and washed my red locks after having a shower I come and got dressed and took a few pictures. Nothing good but some pictures all the same. My necklace I got from ebay for 99p come today! Well excited. It come from Hong Kong hehe I made sure I took a picture with it ;) I then started job hunting and I am still doing so, I'm looking for any kind of job, even work in KFC will do me right now. I just need a job, I need money and I need a new laptop, yet again something has gone wrong with my laptop, the mouse already don't work, the fan cover has come off, the is a crack at the side of the screen, the battery life is only 90 mins and so on. My charger has broke OR my laptop side has broke and the charger won't connect properly, its annoying.

Today I'll sit around for the rest of the day, I'm watching "Twitches" on Disney Channel, I'll more than likely do something creative later like draw or paint something. I'm in the mood to do something with my life haha. Tomorrow I'll print off my tickets to see Keith Lemon, I am so excited I can't wait to see him hes a fuckin' legend! 

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