Friday 21 October 2011

p!ssed off

Hey cuties, hope you are okay, I am very pissed off!

Last night was about to blog a very good post because I had so many good new pictures, I had far too many to just send them to twitter and then save them to my laptop so I decided to plug my iphone into my laptop and drag them across, as doing so everyone who has an ipod/iphone know itunes pops up, I saw there was an update for my iphone so I updated it, it backed my iphone up and then updated in doing so it restored my iphone which clears EVERYTHING... I was pretty pissed off but I knew I had a back up THEN it backed up again, not wiping my last back up off because it has now backed up a clear iphone, leaving me with NOTHING. I am not fucking impressed. I am now on the phone to Apple trying to sort it out and they are more clueless than me with what I have to do... I feel like going to Apple on Oxford Street and smashing up the place ¬___¬ (ofc I won't do as such) but I am so very angry with apple.

I've lost pictures, videos, texts, contacts everything, I have pictures and stuff I can never get back, texts from a friend whom is now DEAD and can never text me again! Pictures of my little bro and cute vids that I can never get back. I had phone numbers I really needed and no way I can get them back! I have a text from my college/Olympics and I don't remember them or what they said but clearly they are important for my college to send them! I lost it all. I am so angry with Apple right now!

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