Wednesday 30 November 2011

some pictures

 Santa has come early this year. ;) ALL BOOZE ;D I have sourz, cocktail mixer set and not sure what else. Some are not mine but yeah... :) We now have our tree up I'll post a picture when I can :) I can't wait till Christmas... 26 days and counting...

 I got this in the post the other day... Errm Thank you Bingo... I've been going for ages why am I only getting this now? ¬__¬ #NOTIMPRESSED but I am happy I get £5 off... means I get it free... :) Looking forward to Bingo tomorrow OR next week :)
I washed my hair the other day and look how scummy the bath goes! xD I use so much conditioner on my hair its un real... I am glad the red has stopped comin out my hair... :) I was starting to think I'd have no red hair left :(

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