Wednesday 21 December 2011

BAM... Update ;D

well well well.... As you all my regular readers know I promised a little while ago that I will upload a NEW picture with every post. So when I feel like I am going to blog I take a picture. BUT I just haven't been in the mood to blog (so sorry) I have taken the pictures but I haven't wrote to you guys... So here are a few pictures and I'll write stuff with each picture ;)

 Bath time. This picture will be odd because I bath everyday but I was going to blog that I was in a nice warm bath so here is the picture to go with that post. I love bath time I hate getting out because it is so cold in the "outside world" when it is time to get out a steaming hot bath...
 21.12.2011 It is Christmas in a few days. I really can't wait for Christmas now. I love it so much and I am really looking forward to it...
 SANTA :D Looking forward to Christmas now :)
 LAMBRINI.... This picture is from my night out last Friday.
  Vodka & coke with Lambrini :) AWESOME
 The other day I got 666 followers :(
I was not happy with my 666 followers because it is the devils number. I am happy to no longer have 666 followers ;D you should follow me though.. Make it over 700 ;)
I don't eat them so the other day I ate from the 12th - 19th xD I got chocolate all over my top :\ one dropped n I didn't notice. OPPS

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