Tuesday 27 December 2011

Well Hello Old Friend

I have not blogged in ages have I? nearly a whole week and I am very sorry I've not. I'll be honest with you all... I've not been busy I have just not been in the mood to blog. I am sorry guys. I can tell I still get readers daily and I am sorry if I annoy you with no updates!

I hope you had a good Christmas I DID! I got so much.. 
Trainers, sourz, cocktail set, laptop, josie perfume, nail files, bracelets, Tulisa perfume, sims 3 generations, sims 3 town life, £150, Pj bottoms, a black dress, cocktail mixers and I can not think if I got anything else haha. Now I will wait and see what my daddy got me. I will see him next year and get my stuff and give him his stuff...

Christmas was so funny, I didn't really eat my dinner and I regretted it after. I wish I ate it all :( I was so hungry after haha. It was nice though. Mum cooked a beautiful Christmas dinner! Thank you mummy. :) But back to the funny the best part was the crackers! lol we got some stupid shit in them and mum couldn't put the hat on.. took her ages and then it split. I nearly PMSL... I know some will not understand the joke it was a you had to be there moment! We also had some awesome jokes that gave me a smile :')

All Ive been drinking is Sourz and lemonade along with vodka and KA... 

 One of the jokes from the crackers

one of my cocktails I made with my new cocktail set. :)

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