Friday 13 January 2012

Friday 13th

I just wanted to blog and try and calm down a little because I am so stressed out today. Today has pretty much been a bad day for me. I didn't get to sleep till around 4am and I had college for 9:30am... I hardly slept. I woke up a little moody but lightened up once I had had a wash... I then got ready and off I set to college. I got to college 9:10am pretty early and sat and listen to some boy play music. He was so good and I just knew today was going to be a good day because of him!

I then had my first lesson it was pretty rubbish but oh well work is work. I then had 2nd lesson and I could have slept through it if I was allowed. That is where it went down heel. I was getting angry because I was tired and feeling annoyed because I was angry and tired! I then had lunch and I didn't have money to eat but I was so hungry. I sat talking with some college friends about stuff and then 3rd lesson come alone. 3 HOURS OF GEOGRAPHY!!! I know its heartbreaking just reading it. Lets just say the lesson didn't go well..

I then had a big argument with a girl in my class which pissed me off even more...On my way home there was screaming bratz on the bus pissing me off then I stood on a nail! I am so lucky I had my air forces on or that would have hurt like a mofo!!

NOW I am home and a friend just told me he didnt love me :( I knew he didnt love me we are only friends but it hurts so much because I am in such a bad mood today... Now I cry a little type here and start to get ready for a girly night out with my baby girl Beth and a school friend... Night everyone

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