Monday 20 February 2012


Arrh. I'm itchy! Today I've been so itchy... Maybe because I cleaned my room? messy room! haha I woke up around 8:45 I think.. well mum tried to wake me up I didn't get out of bed till 10am! haha I did have college today but I was stressed out. My belt broke while I was out clubbing this weekend and all my jeans r too big for me without a belt. I mean they are around my ankles b4 I even leave my room. By the time mum fixed it I couldn't go college because I had no more lessons! Oh well. One weeks EMA gone but I CBA anymore... I do want to give up on college but I can't I need college to get me by. 

I've been applying for a shit load of jobs today and cleaning my room. I hoovered (yes I used a hoover) I've never really used one b4. Mum always cleans I had 2 ask how to use it haha. I spent about 10 mins trying to put the hover back together to put it away because my mum was not home! haha xD After cleaning my room I sat and done some job applications online.. I applied for 1 job and that took me over an hour to fill everything out! I don't think I'd even need an interview after all the questions they asked. What more is there to ask? Not even "when can you start?" because they already asked that haha

Now I have clean bed sheets and I feel dirty. Its around 6pm here in the UK so I'll soon cook some dinner and have a nice long bath! :) I am not sure if I will bath before or after Eastenders. Depends on what is on the TV tonight. Thinking about it I better look now and see! 

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