Sunday 5 February 2012


I've not blogged here in a while. I am so sorry guys. I've been sort of busy with job hunting, looking for a holiday and doing college work. I've had an epic few weeks. College has been good. I got a distinction on my Geography exam :D And all the rest of my work so far. That is an A GCSE. Pretty good because in school I failed Geography. I guess it really shows how much I love Travel and Tourism. I have been thinking about UNI next year but is it really worth 3 years of my life and I may not get a job after it?? If I don't have a decent job I will try do T&T in college again. That will be A level work.

This weekend I have been out clubbing with 2 friends. Good night. I hurt my ankle within 10 mins of being in the club :( I didn't feel much pain yesterday but today I am. :( I have hosp tomorrow if it still hurts loads I will pop into A&E cos I always hurt this ankle and I am starting to think there is something wrong with it. At the least they will give me someone to bandage it up! **I hope** haha

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