Friday 23 March 2012


I am sorry I have not updated in the last few days, I see I still get visitors when I do not update but not even half as many as I do.

I have had a lot to do this week. I've had a level 2 ICT exam and a airport transfer exam, I've also been ill. I was studying hard for my ICT exam and it was so easy. I hope I passed. I MUST HAVE. It was pretty easy! So lets start from the beginning.... Sunday I woke up a little ill, I wasn't sure if it was because I was hungover or because I was really ill so I didn't think too much about it.. .On Monday I woke up and really didn't feel well, my throat was sore and my nosed blocked, like a solider (haha)  I went college, on Tuesday I was really ill, I couldn't go college. I got stressed out over not having anything to wear and I was feeling like crap at how ill I was. I went back to bed and didn't wake up till 4pm I could hardly breath ALL day because I couldn't breath out my mouth and my nose was blocked. It was so hard! Wednesday I was still pretty ill but feeling a little better, I did some studying for my ICT exam and tried to fix my freezing laptop which failed EPICLY... On Thursday I woke up around 11:40 and turned me laptop on and started a disc scan this lasted till 13:30 when I had to leave for my exam, it still wasn't done but I had to leave or I'd be late! I done my exam and got home around 16:40/17:00 I started my laptop up and the scan went on till nearly 20:00! NOW MY LAPTOP IS FIXED :D haha. I am so super happy... It was long waiting but totes worth the long wait... Friday I woke up a little late and rushed to college thinking I was late but I didn't really need to start till 11:00! I wasn't happy but I got more time to go over my airport transfer :)

So we are now up to date with my last week... 

Now I sit here and it is 18:44 I am watching TV with my mum after me cooking ribs, sweetcorn and chips. It was pretty lush (:

Anyway... I'll upload pictures tomorrow :)

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