Wednesday 7 March 2012

Good few days :) 07/03/12

Hey everyone :) I GOT THE JOB :) 

Anyway, I've had a good few days the last few days, college on Monday was cool... Tuesday was good too. After college I come home had a bath and got ready to go out, I was having a sleepover with my friend & shopping today. I did have a bit of a downage of the last few days, I was really ill from around 10pm last night till around 10am this morning, being sick... I was not sure if it was food poisoning or what. I feel much better now but it was horrible not being at home and being sick... I braved it for today and went shopping, Beth & I went Essex & Westfield (the new one in Stratford) I was looking for work shoes and heels 4 Beth's birthday and she was looking for a while outfit for her birthday. We didn't have much luck but had fun all the same (:

Once back at Beth's we had a beer, a giggle and listen to old skool tunes from back when we was younger, music has changed so much. I miss them old song, I am in shock that I knew nearly all the words still. :) After Beth's a friend of mine walked me home, so nice of him because it isn't like he lives next to her... :) Now I am at home and I have loads of TV to catch up on

BTW I got an email telling me I have the job now :) I hope to start the 25th :) :)

Speak soon.

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