Wednesday 28 March 2012


Mmm Magners pear ;) I went to my girls house yesterday so before getting there I popped to the shop to get us some magners, they are only £1.99 so worth it ;)

Had a good little day with her... We had a little gossip, ate some Indian food, watched a film and listen to music... 

 Got this email yesterday, I am pretty excited :) If I am not on holiday I'll be going ;) I love my soaps, mainly Eastenders but I love Corrie too :) 

Hope it is fun and not boring lol. I think I have 2 tickets, I invited my friend Beth lets see how it all pans out :)
 Our food... It was really lush
 My dinner... REAM :D
The end result of our munch fest! Mine on left, beth's on right. Super sexy ;)

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