Thursday 12 April 2012


Woke up 7:45am this morning as I had training for work. I am going to be working at the London 2012 Olympics in the Athlete's Village! I'll get to meet some awesome Athletes but apparently I have to think of them as family and help them relax, we are not allowed to take pictures with them/ of them because it is the one place they can be themselves and no have people taking pictures of them. I'll find out my shift pattern in May/June I hope to work nights from midnight to 8am because it won't be busy, I don't have to wake up early, I'll just be feeding them a little and I guess we can have a little chat haha. Easy 8 hour shift lol

The "training" session finished around 11:30am I then got a bus home and got in around 12:15 to all my packages from Ebay. BUT on my way up the path to my house I twisted my ankle :( It hurts really bad and I hope when I go clubbing on Friday it don't hurt and I hope at work Sunday it don't hurt! I have a long shift on Sunday because it is the FA cup game. (Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea) It will be busy as fuck. SO WISH ME LUCK haha. I'm not going to get drunk on Friday, I know I'll be hungover Saturday and feel like shit Sunday... On Monday I am back to college. I can't wait 11am start! :)

I've not had that much of an eventful day TBH. I feel asleep around 4 and woke up 6:15pm and I wasn't a happy bunny, everyone got shouted at haha. MY BAD. I'm not a good happy go lucky person when I wake up, it don't matter what time I wake up I'll be pissed off and or emotional lol.

Anyway. Its 1am here in the UK so...


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