Saturday 14 April 2012


Woke up about 12:30 which is pretty good after I never got to bed till 5am! So be proud of me ;) I'm not too lazy haha. I woke up because mum woke me. I had something to eat and got half dressed (after washin n that first) lol then I've sat on my laptop because something of mine sold on Ebay so i needed to sort that out. I made £4.16 lol not much money but its enough really! I am happy, £4.16 more than what I had yesterday lol.

I rang my dad and I am leaving for Wembley soon, I've been waiting for the football match to end and for traffic to clear, I am staying at my dads and it means I am close to work for tomorrow. I am working my FIRST FA cup, i know it will be busy so I am a little excited. Come on totty! ;) fuck chelsea ;P haha.

I am listening to Kiss 100 now while I finish getting dressed. I'll soon take more pain killers and pack my work bag. I also have my little bros easter egg to take. :D same as my Hello Kitty ine but it is Thomas :)

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