Sunday 1 April 2012

April Fools

Happy April Fools / first day of the month ;)

I woke up pretty late today because I went work yesterday... I worked the rugby match at Wembley. Saracens 19-24 Harlequins & McFly ;) A world record crowd of 83,761!! We apparently had 12,000 at club level. It did get pretty busy at one point yesterday but it was fun. THE WORST PART WAS: Trying to get home, I finished work at 5:10 and left about 5:30pm and I didn't get home till nearly 8pm!! Because Wembley train station was packed with the 80K people so I went to a different one down the high street and it just took forever... I ended up getting a cab from Lambeth North which cost £10! That is most of my wage just on the cab fare!! 

I had a good day anyway so who am I to moan? :)

Today I am being lazy because I can! Lazy day with TV, laptop and the sofa... I'll have a long bath tonight so I am relaxed before bed :)

I'll blog later or something... 

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