Sunday 15 April 2012

Busy day!

I set my alarm for 9am, I woke up to the alarm and fell asleep dead on 9:40, I stuck my phone on charge and went into my dad's living room to a lively little munchkin, played some game with him and had a cup of coffee, I am not even a coffee drinker. I was so tired I just needed something to keep me awake!

Dad cooked breakfast this morning, mushrooms, bacon and toast. No eggs for me because I don't really like them. And if I do I like my own made :) I had a shower at like 12! Which was pretty late as I started work at 1:15!! I had a quick shower and was out by 12:17. I got ready and read a book to the munchkin... Fireman Sam :D Fireman Sam isn't good now I'm older lol. So stupid!

Dad took me to work and I got there at 1:05 and I was working in G211 which means I had to go to P to get my uniform, i am sure u know your ABCs so u can guess how far I had to walk! I got to P and I HOPE I clocked in before 1:15! I was working in the sam kiosk as the Rugby match, I like it there.

Around 6:15 I got really lightheaded, feeling dizzy and hot, I had some drink but I wasn't allowed 2 sit down and have a break because half time was soon, we had to make like 100 beers! I was making cokes and stuff till we run out of coke! Yes! Run out of coke! It was THAT busy! We kept running out of beer too! We used so much!! I love the banter at Club Wembley, some really funny people come, makes me enjoy my job sooo much! I saw a guy who looks like James Corden, I hav the biggest crush on James Corden, I even tear up just thinking about it! Lol I'm not even messing, i had some banter with the guy. I just wanted to jump and snog his face off! Lol finished work around 8pm so I had a good 7 hour shift. My feet wer hurting like a mofo and i was still feeling ill! STUPIDLY i took the long way to the bus stop, i got the bakerloo line home and got home just before 10pm because someone drove me home from Elephant & Castle. I would have got home 10:30ish if they never!

Now I am in bed, I have college at 11am, I could work from 5pm tomorrow BUT I am going cinema with my baby girl Lillie :D I'll post tomorrow after college likely...


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