Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.

I was pretty cosy when I woke up this morning, well I say this morning it was like 11:59 I had a few seconds before it was no longer classed as morning. But it is a Sunday so I can have a lazy day. I woke up and from then I've been on my laptop. Here is a picture of me this Afternoon in my Hello Kitty dressing gown :) Sorry I look so ugly haha. I was in a world of my own. LIKE ALWAYS

I was listening to Kiss Kube with my new headphones and dancing away haha around 3pm I come in the front room and from then till now I've been sitting with my mum watching TV. I have also won a new top on ebay and stuck a old top on Ebay, its never been worn till today when I put it on to see if it fits, it does but I don't like it. I did take some pictures in it before sticking it on Ebay haha.

I took loads of pictures today in a new top my mum got me, I just wanted ONE half decent picture of myself, but its so hard to take a good picture when your as ugly as me, I know I come across vain but just me I'm far from it. I've always cared about how fat I am but I put it to the back of my head and act like I don't care but after seeing pictures my friend took of me at the bar I know I really do need to sort my life out. I'm getting fatter... I'm deffo going to start going to the gym more and I can't really say "eat less" because I hardly eat... I guess no more cider and stuff for me. I know I have a real problem on my hands and I am going to try my best to sort it before I end up killing myself!

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