Friday 6 April 2012

Sorry no update

Hey hotties, hope your all well...

i am really sorry I have not posted yesterday or today... I have been busy with Beth :D Yesterday I was with her all day and stayed at her house, i come home 1pm, had a shower and got ready to meet her again haha.

Yesterday we went Elelphant and Castle for something then back to Beth's for cider and Indian food... We listen to music, played on the xbox, had some goss and stuff like that, we had some cider but I didn't finish mine and drunk some more at 6am when I woke up haha! Then I had some more around 1:30 its still not finished! Big can ;)

We went Camden today, it was fun! i got beats headphones and lucky charms today!! So happy haha. Got them from cyber candy :D google it ;)

From arond 4pm - 8:30pm we was sat in Cuban bar in Camden partly with the dog and some inside it got really cold around 6pm... Beth's friend who I met New Years was there and then his friend come, his friend was like 30 years old! But he spent over £100 on us! He got me drinks! Thanx (: he was so lovely! He took me to the train station and half way home!!

I am home now at 10pm, i have be. Drinking all day and its been so hard to type this haha. So many typos because my vision is blurry haha. Here are some pictures!

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