Wednesday 18 April 2012


Hello everyone.

I am super duper sorry I've not posted a real post the last few days, I've only been blogging about American Pie & the contest (which I am winning right now) ;) 540 "likes" so far, you can click that to like it also :)

I have been doing some college work the last 3 days, I have about 6 weeks left of college and 1 week to finish a welcome meeting poster, I have a picture showing what it currently looks like, boring and dead now but I have big ideas, I have done more after taking the picture but I don't want to picture it again till it is nearly done. I have to go college tomorrow (even when I don't have lessons) to print off some things for my work, the pictures I printed are too small at the moment. :( My poster is on Kavos as you may already know, I have done my airport transfer and now onto my welcome meeting. If you haven't been to one before it is where the holiday rep sells things to you. I am going to sell a Booze cruise, aquapark, BBQ trip and some more things, even though it is club 18-30s I have to have 3 different client types, I am going for normal 18-30s clubbing, drinking people... People who want to relax or have a nice boat trip with a BBQ and people who want to have a wild water adventure. WISH ME LUCK ;) 

Here is my plan >
I got this text from work today, 100 days till the London 2012 Olympics, I am so excited to work it! It is going to be massive. Any of you coming to London for it?

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