Tuesday 10 April 2012


Oh I am happy it is Tuesday! No more bank holiday, no more Easter! I have been waiting for my CD for over a week and it could of come on Monday (yesterday) but no post as it was Bank Holiday Monday in the UK!

I woke up around 12:20 because I didn't fall asleep till 6am! Some madness happened so yeah... I was tired as fuck and still am, I'd happily ho to sleep now, I think mums going shopping so I'll sleep a little on the sofa when she has gone ;)

So today I got my first pay packet in the mail, I got paid friday and was happy but a little mad thinking i am getting less than min wage but I clearly worked it out all wrong haha. I had to pay £15 tax!! Wow thats a lot of money but apparently next April I get my tax back and I'll surely have enough fot a little holiday! So please keep taxing me ;) haha I also go my CD in the post. ministry of sound xx 20 years... I was going to put it on my iphone and sell it on ebay as u can get £10 for it when it only cost me £6 to buy! But i will keep it as I plan to buy a new iphone this year and I'll need it :)

Right now I am on the sofa bored AF. i'll have some lucky charms or toast soon and have a wash...

Write soon,

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