Thursday 10 May 2012


Woke up pretty late today, something like 11:30am I got up and was lazy for about 30 mins, I was so tired it was unreal, but I was awake from 7am to 8am just couldn't get back to sleep and I didn't go bed till like 3am. I need to sort it out, I have a geography exam tomorrow! 

Today I went Walthamstow which is in East London. I got some new wedges (black) and KFC haha I also got my mum her birthday card and my dad his father's day card, I forgot to pick up his birthday card :( I was looking and totally forgot, I also got my step-mums birthday card. 3 important birthdays this month, I also have my uncles funeral on the 17th, I think I'll wear my black and red dress with my new wedges. I've not seen that side of the family in about 3 years so it would be good to look nice on the day... This month is also busy with college... I have my geography exam tomorrow, Monday I have my welcome meeting, Tuesday I have an English exam and I feel I have other exams too next week but not sure what haha. BUSY May! FINGERS CROSSED I finish college the end of May. 

I got home not so long ago, I've bee sitting watching TV, I also watched Tuesdays Eastenders and True Beauty. I know it was shown like 2009 in America but I've only just seen it on the TV now in the UK, I love the show. I hope they show the 2nd season soon. 

I have just taken my heels off to take this picture, I didn't want to take them off haha, I love these wedges so much, they make my feet look so tiny haha. 

I am normally a size 5.5 or size 6 because some shops don't do 5.5 but these are a size 7, which is massive to me but on they make my feet look like a size 4/5 They did cost £15 but I got them for £5 because they look like two different colours, one has been stained by the sun a little and looks lighter so I am taking them to the shoe shop to get matched. They are still a bargain because in Office they are £60+ and I've also seen them on the website for £19.95 and it won't cost that much to get the shoe fixed, I'll go tomorrow after college. :)  

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