Sunday 13 May 2012

Home Sweet Home

Yawn! I have to start with that because I am pretty tired right now. I not so long ago got home from shopping with my mummy in Lewisham. We went Matalan, JD sports, Card factory, New look and some other shops. I got two new t-shirts from Matalan and one new pair of trainers from JD sports, you can see them down the bottom of this post. :) 

It was really nice to go shopping with my mum, I do like spending time with her and she knows what I look good in and what I like, 99% of the time my mum can buy me something and I will LOVE it. Anyway this is what I got. :)

 I really wanted this t-shirt but it just didn't look right, it was too big I think... It was weird. It would have been nice for Ibiza though.

 I blurred my face, I looked weird haha. 

Stripe top from Matalan (link sends you to actual top)

Trainers From JD Sports (links sends you to actual trainers)

I love AF1s because they are so comfy. I am a size 5.5 so I still fit in kids trainers :P

Paris top from Matalan (link sends you to actual top) 

I love the top, the colour is BEAUTIFUL!

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