Sunday 20 May 2012

Home SWEET home!!

I am home, I have been for about an hour now, I am so happy to be home, my feet are killing me! I got off the train at 10:43 am like I said I would, I walked slowly to Wembley Stadium and got there for 10:58am. I went and checked in and found out I was in B1 club Wembley not P club Wembley! I was so upset because I love the kiosk I work in, I get on really well with everyone, we have some awesome banter and mess about after work. BUT on the plus side I did leave early and before the fans meaning I got home quickly :)
I was working in Tide or Tides can't really remember the name haha, it is a fish and chip kiosk on Club level. It was really nice in there, some nice people working there had a little giggle but work was really dead today as it was only York City Vs Luton... Below you will see my uniform, it is different in this kiosk to the other one I normally work in... I wasn't sure what size I'd need so I said "the biggest size you have" and it was MASSSSSIVE on me! The whole day I was trying to make it look like it fit well but it was just too big.

As I said in my post before I felt like crap and I looked like it too... DON'T JUDGE ME!

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