Thursday 24 May 2012

Ibiza diet day 2

I am on day 2 of my diet and for the last 2 days and a bit I've drunk nothing but water, I am so proud of myself because I do like my cider, beer, vodka and so on... The weather is beautiful and I really want to go to the park with some cider and tan up but I can't, the amount of calories in cider and beer is awful..

So today I went shopping for some healthish food, I got myself two fruits for college tomorrow, breakfast and lunch and I'll have a normal meal at night with mum. I got myself an apple snack bag, grape snack bag and a grape and apple snack bag as it was 3 for £1 in Tesco. I also got sparkling water that is only 20 calories per drink which is really good. 

I get really pissed off when they write shit like this, that is 5 calories, so you buy it but NO wait... it is really 20 calories because 5 x 4 = 20 calories (4 250ml in 1L) so I wasn't happy but 20 calories is still decent enough for nice water. I went to get a salad and it was 600 calories!! That is alot for a fucking salad huh?

So today I've eaten/drank: 

1 apple snack bag, 1 grape snack bag, 1L of sparkling water, half a L of normal water and 2 rolls, that sounds alot as I type it but it is 3pm here in the UK and that is 552 calories, I am not sure if that is correct because it says the rolls without butter and ham are 322 calories!! wow. Well that is breakfast and lunch done, I have 1000 more calories I can have but do not plan on having! I am not sure what is for dinner today but I am 110% sure it will only be about 500 calories.. :)

Anyway, it is sunny outside and I don't want to spend my day blogging ;)

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