Wednesday 23 May 2012

IBIZA diet

I am going on a diet for Ibiza, I know I won't have a bikini body but I just want to feel a little fitter for Ibiza so I can dance the night away, I also want to lose weight fast, well not too fast but if I slim down a little I'll feel much better all around... 

I have started my diet today, I never drink water and I am going to try drink 6 bottles a day. Only the little bottles but it is a start, I am on my 2nd and it is 3:50pm here in the UK, I've ate a salad mum brought home from ASDA and I am about to go play Zumba on my wii I have 48 days to get fit and 49 days till I am going to  be getting a plane to Ibiza... 


I'll write everything i eat here on my blog + exercises I do. Some days will not be as good as others because I do not have alot of will power, I'll be honest. haha. If someone gives me a chocolate it will be hard to say no... & The fact I don't have much money is hard also, I do find healthy things are more expensive than junk food. I do always eat my veg but I will now make sure I eat my 5 a day... I need to fix this problem before I end up the size of them ladies on #MyBigFatFetish

Who watched that last night? WOW that was so YUKKY haha  

No pictures right now, but I'll try take some and upload later, the weather is beautiful right now... It is a shame I am at home and not at the park, I know if I go to the park I'll be drinking cider or beer and that isn't good for my diet, I find it so hard to not drink booze these days, I am not some alcoholic or nothing but if I see each cider I will drink it!  

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