Wednesday 16 May 2012

Monday 14th

So I never posted on Monday did I? And I took some pictures!

I woke up and went to college for 13:15 on Moday to find out I never had college, I wasn't happy because it was raining! I got home and had a bit of a lazy day at home till 5ish when Grandad called to ask me and mun to meet him for his wife's birthday meal. We do it. Every birthday, mine, his, mum's and his wife's but their birthdays are like 3 days apart so we have just one meal.

I had a burger, I wasn't impressed. It was cold and I wanted it on a plate lol then they never had ice cream and I had to have cream... You can see the before and after picture...

I really did pig out but OH WELL! :D also had 2 vodka and cokes and a vodka and monster. I was in my wedges and feeling pretty tall xD

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