Tuesday 29 May 2012

Nando's && x factor

Sorry I never blogged yesterday, I didn't get home till like 11:30 maybe? Due to x factor not finishing till about 10:15 I got a bus home and then got picked up from Bermondsey station.
 So you could say I never stuck to my diet, but truth it Nando's is the ONLY thing I ate all day! So unless Nando's is over 1400 calories it should be ok right? I am now STARVING... I should really go eat because we did eat Nando's like 3:00pm and it is not 11:am and I've not eaten during this time!
 So we went Nando's and x factor auditions with the college as a little trip before we all break up, most of us will never see each other again because some are leaving from level 3, some are not doing level 3, some are changing college and so on.... It will be pretty sad to see some people go, I have to say as much as I don't like many people in my class I WILL miss some of them, the banter, the laughs and so on...
 One last fake smile before we started to Q for 2/3 hours...
 Me, Ruya and Ivan got front row tickets in our block. :D
 Me Ruya & Ivan :D

So we had a pretty good day really, although I got pissed off over a few things...
1) In Nando's I ordered for my table, the man gave me 5 drinks so I did think our order was complete to then NOT get MY food, I had to complain and then he got it, then my RICE didn't come till I had finished and went and asked for it, I had to take it as take away. I wasn't impressed 
2) I got a drink before sitting down and someone was sitting in mine and Ruya's seats, I had to get security to move them because they would not get out our seats! :@

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