Tuesday 8 May 2012

Today - 8-5-12

So today I got my lucozade from Lucozade xD I applied and got it, it is lemon grass and ginger... Who came up with that... I DON'T KNOW haha. It tastes pretty good though.. :)
Today I was in college, started at 11:10 because I passed my ICT exam, level 2 ICT as well, that's the highest functional skill you can do right now. Pretty proud of myself. I finished college at 2pm and that's only because I had a 45 min lunch, I hardly done anything in college today because I had already done all my work, I do try and do all my work as quick as possible. Tonight I should be going to the bar/pub with Lillie and cinema after. :) Good night. 

I got an email today, I got 3 tickets to x factor on May 30th :) 

Bye for now guys.

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