Wednesday 6 June 2012


I am at home alone, listening to music and not doing much else... 

Today I'll be pretty lazy, the most I will do is maybe wash my hair haha, I will have a nice bath later so depends what mood I am on if I will do my hair! My hair is really messy at the moment, I hate having thick hair, I can't stand it, I bet you didn't all know when I was younger my hair went to my bum? I had such long beautiful hair and now it is horrible, to be honest I have gone blonde a few times, red, purple, brown, black, caramel and so on, it isn't good for my type of hair! I like dying my hair and having new colours, but my fav so far is this red BUT it fades so quickly :( My hair is places has gone ginger and orange :(

Tomorrow I am going BBC studios to be in the audience of a show, I'm looking forward to it so tomorrow about 2.45pm I'll leave my house, go to the internet cafe and print my tickets, jump a bus to Westminster and get a 148 bus to shepherds bush where I will shop a little and then go Westfields London for some more shopping before going in BBC studios (it is near Westfields) I won't shop too much, don't think they will be happy with me walking in with loads of shopping bags haha. I am mainly looking for cheap wedge flip flops or a cheap hangbag to hold my phone, money, camera while I am clubbing in Ibiza...

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