Tuesday 12 June 2012

Church of England - no to gay marriage

I am Christian and I am Church of England but I am so angry right now! Read more about it here.  I agree with Gay Marriage and if you remember I emailed my MP via that website and asked you all to sign it? CLICK HERE
now 59,790 people have signed the petition! I am not sure if it will still count but SIGN IT NOW if you can, you must live in the UK and be over the age of 16! 

I got this reply from my MP and 3 months later NO REPLY FROM HIM! I'm not sure if I should have got one but this auto reply sure did say I should have one! I didn't go G-A-Y the day you had to sign it there but friends did and I was there in spirit :) 

So I have gone a little off topic but here...

 I strongly believe that two people, don't matter if they are black, white, green, male, female, a bit of both, had a sex change or they are half a dog! THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED IF THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT! I truly believe that gay marriage is just as equal as different sex marriage, who says that gays can not be happy if not more happy than a different sex marriage? So they say that that marriage is "between one man and one woman" this is the 21st century and the bible isn't logical/practical for this day and age, most people have sex before marriage, most people sin on a daily basis and people fall in love with who they damn well please! 


"Same-sex marriage would be one of the biggest threats to the established role of the Church of England since the reign of Henry VIII, the Church warns today." < This just angers me but proves to me anything can happen, Henry VIII got what he wanted and so can we! 

At the end of the day, what is the worst that can happen?


Don't Let Bigotry Stop Two People In Love Getting Married.


 CLICK HERE to read the Q&A on Gay Marriage.

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