Saturday 16 June 2012


Just come on my blog before I go to bed, and I just looked at my header, I love it so much, I am so proud of myself for making it! Very red? haha I am in love with snapbacks right now! I just think the quality is so much better than the other one, I really love it. I know many others will not like it but it is totally me in a nutshell!

- I love pink, blue & red
- I like the rainbow because of gay pride
- I love Hello Kitty
- I am proud to be British
- I love sexy lips
- I like snapbacks
- I am little miss happy now I am over my depression
- I love cocktails
- I like the three pictures. Left: Night out, Middle: New Years 2011/2012 Right: X Factor, Me & two college buddies

Do you all like it? I didn't know till yesterday that only people who blogs could comment, now everyone can comment my blog. Feel free!

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