Wednesday 27 June 2012

Pretty good day

First thing I done today was wash my hair, my hair was like dreadlocks and from the picture below you can see HALF the hair that came out of my head today! I am so angry at the hairdressers, I had my hair dyed red 3 months ago, they fucked up and I had to come the next day I was pretty happy but it wasn't the colour I really wanted. BUT NOW IT IS BROWN, BLACK AND GINGER! I am so angry! I even got it done in Turkey and they did a better job! If it is cheap I'll get it done in Ibiza because I am fully angry I'd like to make a complaint but it was 3 months ago I done it, they wouldn't accept it now!

So I got to college for 2pm to find it had all changed, the front was different! Iv only not been 3 weeks lol. So I met up with Lillie and we walked to the party, it was so fun, it was dead at first but afte a while it got really fun and I really enjoyed myself. The cabin crew girls (and one boy) was going Wetherspoons pub so I went with them, had 3 drinks for £5 and some onion rings! (all i have eaten all day is a bag of crisps and onion rings) we had some awesome banter and some laughs.. I then left to see Beth and dye her hair but she had already gone back to brown.

I soon went home and now I am watching Big Brother and not even feeling hungry, not sure if I should eat or not, only toast...


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