Saturday 23 June 2012

Shit shit shit

So I am totally shit at this whole blogging thing, I forget to blog or have nothing to say and so on... I have to say I am sorry! I was having 100+ readers a day now I get about 47 on av... I'm just so lazy!

I don't do anything fun you would want to read, I hardly ever upload pictures of myself as I am fat and always look ugly... I'm not even sure why I have like 50 readers a day... You all stick by me...

I do notice most people come to my blog from googling 'gay pride' and 'hourglass figure' as they are my two most viewd posts, some people even google my name to find me! Don'tthink I'm not chuffed that someone went out of their way to google my blog and find me! :) It is normally in Russia or America that people google me! :D somewhat glad it isn't the UK, I'd just think my family are stalking me :P

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