Tuesday 12 June 2012


After seeing my GP I went ASDA to get the pain killers my doctor gave me for my knee, it was feeling much better today till he started pulling at it haha. I didn't leave the doctors till 6:45 my appointment was 5:30! I hate how long it takes!

So I went ASDA and got 2 new bras, one white one black.. I needed new bras for holiday... I also got a black skirt looking thing but its a mini and I am using it as a boob tube / bandeau under my vest, it fits well and don't fall down due to my big boobs but i have to try it with my vest make sure it don't make my vest look stupid or not fit well.. I didn't take pictures of that stuff due to it being about my boobs lol...

I also got a headband, not something I'd normally buy but weirdly I love it. It looks really nice with my red hair! My case is going to be over 20kg at this rate haha.

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