Wednesday 20 June 2012

Sunny day

Today is so sunny in London! The heat is out and making me hot haha. So I've had my blood test, I've taken some pictures around London and I am now on a c10 bus which is like the longest bus route till its last stop in Surry Quays.. I am going to try buy nos studs if the stool is open, take some pictures and have a little look in some shops.

I've walked loads today! I am normally lazy and get a bus to my doctors but walked, I walked around London and then walked/ semi ran to my bus stop so I got the bus, I knew I had six mins to get to the stop and i was around a 10 min walk away so I walked fast over the bridge, didn't take pictures :( I ran around St Thomas' Hospital and got to the stop with 3 mins! :D I'm not sure how I made it and still had time but wow! Maybe the bus was taking long? But I am very happy I didn't have to wait 23 mins till the next bus haha.

So I ate a sandwich from M&S, the WORST sandwich I have ever had! It wasn't nice.. It was £2 that is why I picked it up and the prawns was OVER fishy and they clearly hadn't taken all the shell off! :( I wasn't happy! I also drank water today and it was needed! So hot.. Now I have about 20 mins left on this bus so bye 4 now

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