Thursday 21 June 2012

There is a 7am!?

I woke up before my alarm today which wa set for 7:50, that gave me 10 mins of 'waking up' time... But I woke at 7:30, had a wash and so on, I'm now half dressed and laying on my bed. I'm about to look up again how to get to East London to pick up my Olympics pass, i have to get a bus, train and dlr! Going to cost alot and I can't afford it.

I am looking at Oyster cards, the 18+ student.. I will have to pay for travel next year and its stupid. Listen to this...
Your a student, NO job, NO income from work or college... HOW DO YOU PAY FOR A BUS? Where do you get £2.30 for each bus when you have NO income? :S this is going to be fun come September! I'll deffo only get one bus... I currently get 3 buses if i want, I get buses to take me half way and jump a different bus! Maybe I have to start walking when I can't afford it! But I think it is about 4 miles or more from my house so good luck to me huh?

I need to leave my house at 8:50 today, TFL says 8:55 but I won't push it, I know I am a slow walker to the p12 bus stop! After I collect my pass i think I will go shopping in East London or at least have a little look around.

I am upset, Geordie Shore are at Liverpool Street station and i can't go due to going to East London, I wouldn't make it to there in time :(

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