Monday 25 June 2012


Asked mum to wake me at 11am this morning, she did but my eyes were hurting so bad as I was super tired! I went back to bed and awoke at 12. Washed and all that stuff then around 2pm I went with mum to the post office...

I had been selling things on ebay so I had to post them, I done 5 items and I was on my 6th but the lady had not piad so I wanted a stamp but keep the item till she pays, the man wouldn't let me but told me I had to pay for the stamp as he had put it on the computer. We had an argument. He wouldn't listen to the fact I would not pay for something he is not giving me! I said give me the stamp I'll pay, don't give me it i will not pay.. Hes like 'you must pay' and i'm like give me the fucking stamp if your making me pay for me! If I am paying I WANT IT! He really pissed me off, ended up not paying for it. I'll never go back there again! I'll go to a different one next time! I'll go New Cross one!

So after i got a bus home and left mum and her friend out shopping, got home watched the end of Law & Order - SVU
I do love the show and they are new... Around 4pm I started playing Sims 3 and that is pretty much what I did till 9pm and now I am laying on the sofa watching TV :D

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