Wednesday 13 June 2012

Well hello there

I am sorry, I've hardly blogged today! I just blogged pictures! 

So today...

I woke up pretty late today after not going to bed till 3am. I got up washed as you do and stuck on an old velor tracksuit, I think if you look back on my blog I was wearing it 2010, 2011! I am in shock it fits really, so I have this on because today was a lazy day, I've not brushed my hair today 8-) I'll regret it tomorrow when it comes to washing but but who cares, I'll just moan about it tomorrow! ;) 

I'm currently watching "The Only Way Is Marbs" It is a spin off of "The Only Way Is Essex" which I love, it is stupid and terrible acting but I am addicted, I just hate Joey Essex because us in Bermondsey had "Ream" before he started saying "reem" and now it is like we spell it wrong, we also say "sort" and he says "Salty" ^___^ It is getting me in the mood for Ibiza though...

I took a picture of my eyebrows a min ago, really brushy, they are odd and I am growing them out so I can get even ones with a beautiful shape. I hate waiting to get them done, takes ages to grow out and I feel ugly! I hate my body but if I have nice brows I feel sexy! I'm not even chatting crap, my brows make me feel hot! I am going to get my lashes, brows and nails done the day I go Beefa.

I better go...


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