Sunday 29 July 2012


Day 04 - Your views on religion

I don't really have massive views on religion, I am Church of England, Christian and I am happy that way. I do believe that people should not shove religion down your throat, and I find they do alot where I live. A few times in Peckham I have been on a bus or walking down the street and a lady or man will start shouting about God and telling everyone they sin. It really pisses me off and I feel like shouting "FUCK OFF" at them! How dare they tell me I sin and how the world is going to end! 

They would not be happy if I went around saying "God is not real..." I am sure I'd get hurt or the police would tell me to leave the area, but it seems to be damn fine for people to tell me I am going to die if I don't go to Church...

Sorry for a little bit of a rant, I just can't stand people who tell me about my life when they don't even know who I am. I may not go to church but I know my values. 

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