Tuesday 31 July 2012


Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

I'm not sure if they are interesting or if I can come up with 30 but I will try my hardest, plus I have 20 pre written from my Tumblr :D

1) I am addicted to Hello Kitty. I even have a tattoo.
2) I am going to be alone forever. I can tell.
3) I am a qualified beauty therapist.
4) I trained to be a resort representative
5) I think about Ayia Napa daily, I miss it so much
6) I love in London, England. South East England, South East London.
7) I love pink, if I owned the world the world would be pink and pink only!
8) I had depression.
9) I wish I was a barbie. Fake boobs (even though mine are massive), fake hair, big lips, curvy body.
10) I'd marry James Cordon in a heart beat!
11) I'm addicted to my iphone.
12) I have loads of OCDs.
13) I have a fear of germs. (dirty toilets, bathrooms, hospitals, buses, trains, lifts & so on)
14) I love men with tattoos, it is so fucking sexy. OFFT
15) If I could I'd wear nothing but pink everyday.
16) I want to be famous one day.
17) I want to work in Cyprus.
18) I want 4 children.
19) I'll never get married.
20) I want to be 90 and still on tumblr!
21) I'd love to leaving England but I know I'd miss England
22) I don't think I am very interesting
23) I love my eyes, more so when I have fake lashes on
24) I've had my wisdom teeth taken out, they have been messing me about from the age of 11!
25) I use to have really bushy eyebrows, now I feel like killing myself when they are bushy
26) I can drink a whole bottle of vodka and still be standing after but wine and I'm all over the place
27) I can nearly but my leg over my head
28) I've met loads of famous people, some I didn't even know who they are till after. haha
29) I love crime shows and wish I was CSI
30) I'm pretty boring and found it hard to find 30 facts

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