Wednesday 25 July 2012


Good afternoon my dear readers,

Woke up at nearly midday, after a long day yesterday of being out for over 14 hours I was very tired. Woke up and all I've done is blow my damn nose. I am still so ill and it is bugging me, I hate getting ill. I'm like a man with one of their man colds. I take it really badly and feel like I am dying and act like I am too! I was really hoping it would have gone by now, I've been home from Ibiza a week tomorrow! Fingers crossed it goes in the few days to come!

I'm now waiting on brunch from mum which is a home made tuna and sweetcorn sandwich. After I'll go hospital and to my grandad's house. My Grandad lives really close to Guy's Hospital so I might aswell pop in and sit in the sun for a while :)

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